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September 21, 2023

PPI Conference 2023

The 3rd International Polymer Process Innovation Conference (PPI) was held at the Azurem Campus of the University of Minho in Guimaraes, Portugal, from September 13th to 15th. Hosted by the DONE Lab, the conference featured 3 Plenary lectures, 8 Keynotes, 60 Oral presentations, and 21 Posters. With participation from over 80 attendees representing 11 countries, PPI 2023 proved to be a highly productive event, covering a wide range of topics such as Polymer Processing, Advanced Polymeric Composites, Additive Manufacturing, and Sustainable Polymeric Material Applications.

R-NanoLab made a significant contribution to the conference with 6 presentations and 3 posters presented during the Advanced Polymeric Composites Session and the Sustainable use of Polymers Session. Our contributions showcased the ongoing work within projects like Domminio, Eurecomp, PRecycling, and Blades2Build.

Overall, the conference resulted in a robust exchange of knowledge and ideas among experts in the field, fostering collaboration and innovation within the realm of polymer processing and its diverse applications.

R-NanoLab Presentations

Poster Session