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About the position  

R-Nano Lab is looking for an experienced Project Technical Manager to manage and implement the research and innovation activities of European-funded projects, dealing with Materials (development, production, characterization, properties assessment, digitalization) in collaboration with the respective Project Leaders of R-Nano.   

In addition, the applicant will be responsible for the scouting of EU funding opportunities and coordination of grant applications. The applicant will be also involved in the proposal phase coordination, including networking activities, partners’ scouting and writing. 


Key responsibilities: 

Responsible for the coordination, implementation, and project management of European-funded research projects, specifically: 

  • Coordination of project activities with relevant Consortium Partners and within the R-Nano team 
  • Follow and manage project timetables, identifying implementation risks, working on solutions 
  • Draft deliverables, prepare detailed reports and review their content and quality 
  • Continuous, periodic and final reporting to the European Commission 

Required Qualifications: 

  • Educational Background: Bachelor/Master degree in Engineering (e.g. Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil). Academic education related to advanced materials. PhD studies will be considered an asset. 
  • Proven experience in implementing and managing EU funded research projects (e.g. Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Open Innovation Test Beds) 
  • Excellent English language proficiency in both verbal and written communication 
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office tools and collaborative platforms (e.g. TEAMS) 

Skills and expertise: 

Technical skills: 

  • Knowledge in materials design and digitalization 
  • Excellent computer literacy with programming knowledge 
  • Familiarity with digital tools related to materials, engineering design tools and ontologies 

Soft skills: 

  • Responsibility, consistency and adherence to strict deadlines 
  • Strong organizational and communication/networking skills 
  • Collaboration with multidisciplinary teams 


  • Implement ongoing research projects 
  • Produce detailed technical progress reports 
  • Actively participate in working groups 
  • Coordinate tasks independently, supervise the daily work 
  • Represent RNanoLab in (tele-)conferences, scientific conferences and workshops 
  • Collaborate with PhD candidates and students in the School of Chemical Engineering 
  • Create new ideas and scientific proposals 

What we offer:  

  • International working environment, collaboration with EU institutions and companies 
  • Opportunity to learn and progress, develop skills and gain experience in a variety of topics and scientific fields 
  • Stimulating scientific/academic/research/innovation environment 
  • A high degree of responsibility and independency 


The working location will be the School of Chemical Engineering, at the National Technical University of Athens (Zographou campus) in Athens (Greece), with the necessity of traveling for meetings or events taking place at other partners facilities and locations within EU. 


Application documents: 

A complete application should be written in English and consist of: 

  • a full curriculum vitae, 
  • a cover letter describing briefly the criteria outlined and the vision for the role. 
  • Proven track records in drafting, and implementing EU funded projects will be highly appreciated 

About the position  

We are seeking an experienced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Expert to analyze and assess the environmental impact of materials and processes throughout their entire life cycle, within EU funded Research Projects and Services Contracts with the local industry.

Key responsibilities: 

  • Conduct comprehensive Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to evaluate the environmental impact from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal/recycling.
  • Collect and analyze relevant data including energy consumption, emissions, resource usage, and waste generation to quantify environmental impacts.
  • Utilize LCA software and tools to model life cycle processes and assess environmental performance metrics.
  • Identify hotspots and areas for improvement within process life cycles and develop recommendations for sustainability enhancements.
  • Communicate findings and recommendations effectively through written reports, presentations, and project meetings.

Required Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or Materials Science or Environmental Science; advanced degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) preferred.
  • Proven experience (3 years) in conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs).
  • Deep understanding of LCA methodologies, principles, and standards (ISO 14040/14044) with hands-on experience in LCA software/tools (e.g., SimaPro, GaBi, OpenLCA).
  • Strong analytical skills with proficiency in data collection and environmental impact assessment.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to effectively collaborate with multidisciplinary teams


The working location will be the School of Chemical Engineering, at the National Technical University of Athens (Zographou campus) in Athens (Greece). 


To apply for the position, please send us your CV and a cover letter explaining why you want to join us and what you have to offer to: info@r-nano.gr.  

Alternatively, you can fill in the form below. Remember to attach both your CV and Cover Letter.