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Technology Councils and Clusters

NanoSafety Cluster

A high profile platform for the coordination of nanosafety research in Europe.
Providing strategic direction for the EU and member states.



Characterisation is a central pillar across the spectrum from research development via engineering and upscaling to production and product quality control. A survey of 100 FP7 projects carried out in 2014 under the umbrella of the Engineering & Upscaling Cluster clearly demonstrated the central role of characterisation. Over 90% of projects apply characterisation methods and 50% of projects include characterisation developments. Characterisation was ranked by far the highest in terms of importance of engineering and upscaling with an average across all projects of 9/10, compared to averages of below 7/10 for modelling and standardisation for example.  A lot of these projects however have a weak link to the impact required by the EC, with little tangible output in relation to commercial exploitation or reliable recommendations to regulation.


European Materials Modelling Council

The European materials modelling council (EMMC) is a community driven bottom-up action to connect all existing material modelling activities in Europe. The activities within the EMMC are organized within teams or working groups that are focused on specific goals. Each working group is responsible to develop its mission and charter which are published on the public site (http://emmc.info). Each EMMC working group has an OTM and vice OTM appointed from among the active members. The OTM’s are elected by each working group.


Plastics Circularity Multiplier

The initiative seeks to improve value chain collaboration and create cross cooperation between EU Projects. Twenty one innovation projects joined forces to boost European Union efforts towards a circular economy for plastics. In 2019-2020 the initiative aims at showcasing the synergies of EU-funded projects in the field of plastic circularity and coordinating communication and dissemination activities. Other scopes of collaboration related to the common challenges and needs for the successful implementation of a Plastics Circular Economy could be further defined as from September 2020.


EsSENce Cost Action CA19118

High-performance Carbon-based composites with Smart properties for Advanced Sensing Applications.