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February 15, 2023

Final Event of NanoInformaTIX Project 

The Final Event of NanoInformaTIX took place at Ilhavo, Portugal from the 8th till 10th of February. The event aimed to share project results with the scientific community, policy makers and industry players who could benefit from the project outcomes and by the state-of-the-art knowledge on a variety of topics in the areas of safety and sustainability on advanced (nano)materials.

Throughout the event, the results and the impact of the project were demonstrated through presentations, demonstrations, and interactive sessions were all the attendees could participate.

On the left, the NanoInformaTIX consortium and on the right a highlight from a presentation.

Among other activities, R-NanoLab – NTUA investigated the toxicity mechanism of engineered nanomaterials, through the development of a SAR (Structure Activity Relationship) model and a grouping approach with the implementation of an extended dataset of 935 individual measurements of metal and metal oxide particles toxicity. From these studies 3 manuscripts have been published in scientific journals: