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February 4, 2023

Fast-Smart Consortium Meeting at NTUA

The 36 month Review Pre-Meeting of the Horizon 2020 Project FAST-SMART took place in Athens on Thursday the 2nd of February. Hosted by NTUA, representatives from the 13 Partner organizations and Project Coordinator Professor Yi Qin from University of Strathclyde, attended the meeting and discussed the project’s updates and progress, regarding the development of energy harvesters based on novel and smart thermo- and piezoelectric materials.
R-NanoLab presented their latest progress on tasks in WP2, WP3 and WP6 and as WP5 leader, on tasks related to recycling technologies of materials and reuses of parts.
At the end of the meeting, Fast-Smart consortium had the chance to visit the School of Chemical Engineering and take a look at R-Nano’s available equipment related to our tasks.

Meeting's venue at Multimedia Amphitheater, NTUA’s Library Building
R-Nano Lab Facilities Tour
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