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January 31, 2024

Blades2Build 1st Annual Meeting

Hosted by partner Holcim, the annual meeting of the Blades2Build Project took place on January 25th and 26th in Lyon, France. Representatives from the 14 partners met up to deliberate on the initial milestones achieved in pursuit of the project’s objectives of improving and supporting circularity options of end-of-life wind blades.

R-NanoLab, as Work Package Leaders presented the advancements in the End of Life Composites Characterisation within WP1. Furthermore, discussions on recycling approaches for thermoset composites, from end-of-life wind blades took place within WP2, where R-NanoLab is performing chemical and thermal recycling treatments. 

During the meeting, the project partners had the opportunity to have a tour of the Holcim Innovation Hub. The immersive showroom showcases how Holcim’s innovative and sustainable building solutions are decarbonizing building across its entire lifecycle.