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Surface Treatment and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Unit (STAMt)

STAMt was fully renovated in 2021 and now supports all surface modifications and (composites) manufacturing activities of RNano Lab. Inside the lab, a 3D printing hub with FFF printers evaluates the custom filaments produced from recycled materials or blends and improves productivity by designing and manufacturing custom tools that fit every day’s needs. Surface modification of fibres (or plastics) is developed initially at lab scale through 2 potentiostats and for pilot scale through the surface modification pilot line which is designed and manufactured by RNano. Sizing of CFs is also achieved in these 2 stages; lab scale in the custom apparatus where 30cm fibres can be sized, or pilot scale in the sizing line with a productivity rate of 2m per minute. Finally, composites manufacturing can be performed through a variety of techniques such as vacuum infusion, vacuum bagging, hot-press, RTM.

At RNANOLAB we emphasize at the design and development of thermoplastic filaments either pristine or composite, targeting AM applications. Regarding the nanocomposites, we specifically tackle the production of filaments with carbon-based (e.g., CNTs, CFs) and metallic (e.g., iron oxide Fe2O3) inclusions. Pristine thermoplastic filaments such as PLA, PETG, PA12, TPU etc are also employed to Fused Filament Fabrication processes.