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Semi industrial scale Fiber Production Line

R-Nano Lab specializes in melt spinning process. Multifilament line consists of a twin screw extruder with die head spinneret and take-up system of five rollers. The twin screw extruder consists of nine totally heating zones, including the die head zone. On the die head, a spinneret is adjusted and the polymer material exits the extruder in the form of filaments.  Spin fibers are extruded downwards into the vertical cooling tunnel. Spin fiber take off is designed as “ready-to-operate” unit mounted on pivotal roller castors.

Low temperature thermal treatment line was designed for treatment of fibers in oxidative environment. Four levels with a ceramic square tube can be regulated to different temperature profiles and each level consists of five heating zones. Thermal load increases gradually from level to level (~ 170°C, 220°C, 250°C and 300°C). There is also the capability of continuous gas supply (air, oxygen) in order to remove resulting gaseous by-products at each level. Furnaces’ system has a “reversed ladder” structure so as to allow continuous moving of fiber through each level in reduced space. Different temperature profile needs different corresponding tension level. As temperature differs at each level, fiber’s tension profile needs to be adjusted for production of materials with enhanced mechanical properties. LT Thermal treatment line is automatically controlled via PLC system. The values for minimum and maximum velocity are 0.2m/min and 4m/min, respectively. The tension in each level is controlled via appropriate sensors and total length of the line is 6 meters.

High temperature thermal treatment line was designed for high temperature thermal treatment of fibers in inert environment. A tubular furnace, supported rollers, stainless steel tube and take up system are the main parts of HT Thermal Treatment line. The maximum operating temperature reaches 1800oC (inert gas atmosphere assisted) and ceramic gas-tight working tube is special designed for continuous process of fiber; via stainless steel “inverted T shape” tube’s entrance. Furnace can operate 1, 3 or 6K tow with single zone tube of 600mm HT Thermal treatment line is automatically controlled via PLC system and the total length of the line is 5 meters.