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Extrusion and Polymer Processing

The expertise of our laboratory covers various extrusion processes. 3D filament production and nano compounding are some of them. Using a gravimetric feeder, additives in powder form can be precisely dosed into the polymer matrix, achieving specific additive fractions for specific applications. The main materials that can be processed are thermoplastic polymers in the form of flakes (in the case of shredded materials) or pellets. Using the appropriate additives (even in liquid form), recycling can be achieved, giving degraded materials a new life cycle with properties equal to, or better than the previous one. The twin-screw extruder is the best choice for compounding, mixing, homogenization and filament for 3D printing (with the addition of a melt pump). High performance polymers, such as PEEK, can also be processed due to the ability of the twin screw extruder to reach temperatures up to 450 °C.