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Savvas Orfanidis

Reseacher | Material Scientist

Savvas Orfanidis began studying material science and engineering at the University of Ioannina in 2009, and his main interests are corrosion and protection, advanced composite materials, metal alloys, mechanical and electrochemical testing, and non-destructive evaluation. ‘Electrochemical and mechanical research of maritime alloys adhesively bonded using nano-reinforced epoxy adhesives,’ his diploma thesis, was completed in 2016.

He worked on the ‘Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNPs) for Reservoir Characterization’ research project, focusing on the structural and mechanical characterization of composite polymer-steel materials, as well as the construction of a laboratory oil tank simulator made of steel reinforced with composite materials, and the synthesis of ferrous nanoparticles and high density ferrofluids, which led to the publication of the US Patent Application Publication ‘Fluid flow monitoring in hydrocarbon reservoirs using magnetic nanoparticles’.

The study of the dynamic phenomena of the self-healing process using solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is the main concept of his PhD thesis. His research on aerospace materials and nuclear magnetic resonance has been published in prestigious multidisciplinary scientific journals, while he has also participated in several international aerospace industry conferences.