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Dr. Melpo Karamitrou

Senior Researcher | Materials Scientist


Dr. Melpo Karamitrou is a Materials Scientist with MSc and PhD in the field of advanced polymeric and nanostructured materials (Chemistry Department, University of Patras). Her main research activities are focused on the development of polymeric nanostructures with controlled morphology in organized aqueous media; functionalized crosslinked polymeric nanostructures as oxygen barriers or adsorbents of organic dyes; water soluble polymers and polymeric nanoparticles with optical and oxygen scavenging properties; hybrid inorganic/organic nanostructures; waterborne polyurethane dispersions.

Having worked in the industry and in a European agency she has acquired expertise in resins’ chemistry and familiarity with the European legislation on risk assessment of nanomaterials, respectively. She has participated in various national and EU funded research projects for the development of novel polymeric materials.