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Dr. Irene Kanellopoulou



Irene Kanellopoulou is a Chemist of Aristotele University of Thessaloniki and has acquired a Master Degree in Materials Science and Technology of National Technical University of Athens. During her pregraduate studies she has worked on photocatalytic process of wastes in liquid form, while during her postgraduate studies she has worked on the synthesis and characterization of polymers and the production of carbon fibers based on pyropolymers. 

In the years from 2005 to 2007 she has been occupied as a Research and Development Chemist in an Industry producing Masterbatches and Dry Color Blends for the mass coloration of plastics as well as printing inks for flexography and gravure and more specifically in the development and production of new products as well as their conformation to EU Legislation (REACH). Since then she is a member of the Section III of the School of Chemical Enginnering, NTUA supporting laboratory exercises, courses and theses (diploma and master) as well as the administration of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programme “Materials Science and Technology” which is coordinated by the School of Chemical Engineering, NTUA. 

Her recent research interest focuses on the synthesis and characterization of hybrid nanoparticles and on their incorporation in different matrices. More specifically, she works on the synthesis of organic core-inorganic shell nanoparticles, their characterization and their use as admixtures in cementitious matrices aiming at the enhacement of the self-sealing/healing behavior of the latter. Parts of her research work have been presented in national and international conferences, while related papers in peer reviewed journals have been published.